Rotorua Trout Hatchery

by CW
(New Zealand)

Shelford family and a friend with fly-fishing results. Even the youngest, James, wanted to share in the glory.

Shelford family and a friend with fly-fishing results. Even the youngest, James, wanted to share in the glory.

A lovely smaller bush walk at the Rotorua trout hatchery with beautiful crystal clear brooks. With the hatcheries in the middle of it all, you can see the baby fish in the breeding tanks with information and photos etc on how the trout are bred, caught, released, etc etc. Really interesting and beautiful.

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Thanks for that info CW. I didn't know about that walk despite visiting numerous times over the years. Re the baby trout in the tanks, you're right. It's fascinating watching the wriggling, seething masses. You could spend ages watching.

Something else - totally off topic. The Ngongotaha Trout Hatchery (official name) has fly fishing for kids days which are popular. It's a fun, family activity that doesn't cost very much. Unless you've got a tribe.

When the kids in our family were small we would take them out there to catch themselves a trout, albeit a little one. They loved it. As you can tell by the photo, even the youngest, James, had to get in on the happy angler results shoot.

Ages: 6-14yrs
When: Specified days between July and November
Where: Ngongotaha Trout Hatchery, Paradise Valley Rd, Rotorua
Cost: $3 per child

Volunteers from the Rotorua Anglers Association run the days and show the kids what to do - don't worry, you don't have to do it. You don't have to take anything either. All the gear is provided plus drinks and a sausage sizzle. The mini-anglers also receive a certificate to celebrate. Fun huh?

I think just about every local child of school age has been to one of these days. No wonder Rotorua has so many fishermen, they're hooked in young. What a dastardly plan.

Get in early to find yourself a car park in the grounds. It gets mega busy and you can expect queues at times for the fishing - told you it's popular.

You can find out the upcoming fly fishing for kids dates on

L. Gledhill from Rotorua had this to add about the hatchery:
"Run by Fish and Game to raise young trout for the local lakes. It is free to visit and is open almost every day and has some wonderful grounds.

There are wild fish in the stream and ponds full of monster fish you can feed. Bush walks and big grounds to explore, toilets and picnic tables. Grass areas for kids to run around and a great educational walk through the hatchery itself.

An aquarium to show off what the fish look like close up and friendly staff to talk to about fishing or environmental things. And just for the icing on top of the cake they have an aviary with falcons and hawks used by Wingspan next door that you can also see for free.

A relaxed walk around takes about 1 - 1.5 hours.

Fish food to feed the fish is available weekdays.

The office is open week days as well but the site is open almost every day.

This must be one of Rotorua's best kept secrets, and all for free!"

Thanks for that L.

Also in the area

If you're visiting Rotorua, other things to do in the area include Wingspan New Zealand's Birds of Prey Centre where they have flying displays with the raptors, then there's Velocity Valley Adventure Park with activities like the Schweeb, Swoop, Freefall Xtreme and Agrojet, Paradise Valley for wildlife (including lions) and 'grown-up' trout, and not to forget, the Agrodome has farm activities and shows.

All these attractions barring the Agrodome are located on the same road as the hatchery. The Agrodome can be accessed via an underpass at Agroventures which makes it easy. You don't have to go back out to the main road. What's not to like?

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