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Using Google Map Directions is the easy way to get around.

Rotorua Map - Any time that you want to know the directions to a place in Rotorua just come to this map, open it into the larger view, and enter your start and end point to find the easiest route.

Rotorua is easy to navigate as the central city is relatively flat and laid out in a grid pattern. Numerous streets have māori names so practice pronounciation a few minutes each day before coming.

As time goes on I will look at adding points of interest to the map - once I work out how to do it that is.

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A point to consider when you decide to visit is that the average per night stay in Rotorua is two. Having read a number of reviews by visitors, the main complaint is that they didn't take into account just how much there is to see and do and subsequently ran out of time.

So how many nights are you planning on spending here? I know how hard it is to juggle this when your time in New Zealand is limited but seriously consider at least three nights in Rotorua.

You can easily spend a whole day visiting and learning about the geothermal attractions alone. This is before you even touch on the māori culture and everything else on offer. Hmmm, what to do huh?

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