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Rotorua, located in New Zealand, is a remarkable city.  Earth-shaking geysers and refreshing lakes. Porridge-like mud pools and soothing forests. Extreme contrasts like these are a constant source of amazement for our visitors. The downside? Decisions, decisions. It's tough figuring out what to include when planning a visit.

Ferns taken at Rotorua's Redwood forestThere's lots of green

Designed with that in mind, Rotorua Travel Secrets (aka Karen Shelford) is here to help make this process easier . Give me your hand (or eyes in this instance) and I'll take you through our attractions... and the hidden gems visitors usually miss. Want to know where to shop, eat, sleep? That's covered too. Sound ok?

With that said, Kia Ora (hello) and welcome to your insider's guide to Rotorua, New Zealand's premiere volcanic playground.

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This city seduces people into wanting to stay and having lived here for most of my life I think I know why.

It's not too big (around 70,000 people) and it's not too small. It offers a lifestyle that many people envy.

As a tiny example, you can step out of the front door and within 5-10-15mins be walking in the forests, around beautiful lakes or through thermal steam wafting across walkways. Then again, you can be in the middle of the city in a couple of minutes by car. Just these features alone are priceless without everything else on offer.

Cameron's Laughing Gas pool, Rotorua, NZThere's lots of mud too, this is Cameron's Laughing Gas Pool at Sulphur Bay

We have been voted the most beautiful city in New Zealand, seven times in the history of the award. The most recent was in 2012. That says a lot about the care people are putting into this city. Yay, go us.

If you are contemplating a visit to our city, I am sure you will find something that seduces you into wanting to stay... just that little bit longer… if not permanently.

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There's still more.

  • Favourite pastimes? Spine-tingling activities to get the adrenalin going. Check out the mountain biking. Trees rush up pretty fast on some of our tracks - ask me, I know. Don't worry, not everything is hair-raising. There's a lot to see and do where you don't have to put life and limb on the line.
  • Rotorua is built on a caldera so you will learn a bit about volcanology and Mount Tarawera, the local volcano that last erupted in 1886. Thermal? We've got thermal coming out of our ears.

I could go on and on... and I will in the pages to come.

As you can see, there is a wide range of activities and things to see that should cater to all tastes.

In the meantime? Well, I'll be out and about pounding the pavements, eating at the restaurants and cafes, revisiting various  attractions and hassling my friends for even more great things to share with you.

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