Polynesian Spa

Do You Love Spas And Hot Pools?

Polynesian Spa - Whether you love spas and hot pools or you've never tried them before, Rotorua is the perfect place to have this experience.

Polynesian Spa building, Rotorua, NZ

Our Spa has been around for a long time with a lot of changes over the years. This has earned it an award as a top 10 world day spa resort from Condē Naast Traveller.

I used to go there with my parents as a little girl and in those days men and women were in separate pools and everyone bathed nude.

I would be with my mum in the ladies mineral pool and what I remember most was the steam rising all around me and the sight of large breasts floating on top of the water.

That doesn't happen now of course (unless you're in a private pool) because it is all mixed bathing and swimsuits are worn.

I wouldn't be wearing my best swimsuit though because the minerals in the water tend to rot the material. Hired swimwear is available.

There is a lot of choice to be had when you go to the Poly Pools as we call it.

Family Spa

©  Family Pools

As the name suggests this is for families with children. There is a large freshwater pool (33°C - 91.4°F) with a toddlers end and a hydro slide. Two mineral pools (37°-40°C or 98.6°F-104°F) overlook the main pool so parents can oversee what the kiddies are up to.

There is a lifeguard on duty at all times but that doesn't mean parents are off the hook. If your child is under 8yrs they have to be actively supervised and if they are under 12yrs there has to be a caregiver with them.

Adult Pools & Priest Spa

These are the pools that I would mainly use as there are seven hot mineral pools with varying temperatures and different mineral waters (acidic or alkaline) to choose from. And you stay as long as you like.

There is a large deep pool - up to my neck at one end and I'm 177cm, 5' 10" - with gorgeous, silky alkaline water. At 38°C (100.4°F) I don't know how a friend of mine can aqua-jog in it without dying. People actually swim or just relax in this one.

© Polynesian Spa Adult Pools, Rotorua, NZ

© Adult Pools

There are also three cascading marble pools - also with alkaline water that have temperatures ranging from 38°-39°C (100.4°-102.2).

Three Priest pools finish off this area. Temperatures vary from 39°-42°C (102.2-107.6). Here the water is acidic from a nearby Radium hot spring. Stay too long in the hot ones and you will end up like a wrung-out dishcloth - not pretty.

The change-room facilities are good with showers and storage tubs you take out to the pool area or lockers that you pay for.

Private Pools

If you want to lock yourself away from the world then these are the pools for you.

There are four deluxe private pools overlooking the lake and nine standard pools.

© Polynesian Spa private pools, Rotorua, NZ

© One of the private pools

The downside is that you hire them for 30 minutes at a time and you MAY have to wait for an empty one. There is a lounge provided if this happens.

Children can use these pools with an adult.

Each room has their own change room and shower.

Years ago, my then fiancee and I went to the Polynesian Spa one night and got ourselves a private pool. Well, the 30 minutes seemed to go on and on and on. In the end I got out of the water and poked my head out the door to find the place in darkness.

They had missed us (we would get a knock on the door when time was up) and closed up shop. Luckily a cleaner was there and let us out. We left decidedly wrinkly.

Lake Spa

© The Lake Spa at Polynesian Spa, Rotorua, NZ

© The Lake Spa

The Lake Spa is comprised of four shallow rock pools overlooking the lake. They have alkaline water with temperatures between 36°-42°C (96.8°-107.6°F).

All the settings for the different areas are pleasant but here there are also two waterfalls and a grotto. Very nice.

Lake Spa Retreat - Spa Therapies

This is the serious end of relaxation.

You will be pampered with native flora, robes, relaxation areas, refreshments, towels, lockers, soaps, hairdryers etc.

© Polynesian Spa - Lake Spa therapies, Rotorua, NZ

© Massage at the Lake Spa

And then you have the therapies themselves (which I haven't actually tried).

There are Spa Therapies using mud and NZ Manuka Honey along with other natural compounds.

The Hydro Spa Therapies use jets of warm water and oils to massage your cares away.

Even with ten Spa Thereapy rooms, three Hydro Therapy rooms and two dual Spa Therapy rooms (yourself and a friend), bookings are essential for these services.

There is a huge range of spa therapies, packages and prices so check them out on the Polynesian Spa website.

With any of these therapies you get the use of the deluxe Lake Spa both before and after your therapy sessions. How's that?

The Polynesian Spa is one of the best spas in the world and I'm positive you won't be disappointed.


Click here to get prices for all the pools and therapies on the Polynesian Spa website.

Food & Drink

A well stocked cafe is on site where you can sit and recharge the batteries with a cooling drink after a long soak.

A bonus if you're travelling; they have FREE internet access if you purchase anything.

Shopping Facilities

An onsite store carries a huge range of New Zealand spa therapy products and accessories so if you're into lotions and potions you will be very happy.

Getting There

It's easy getting to the Polynesian Spa. If you have a look at my google map you will see that it is in the Government Gardens with the Rotorua Museum of Art & History in close proximity.

The Polynesian Spa is near to hotels, motels, backpackers, the central business district and conference venues.

View Polynesian Spa in a larger map

Parking & Toilets

There are plenty of toilets in the Polynesian Spa and plenty of parking outside.

Just be careful you don't leave anything of value in your vehicle though because thieves do target these areas, even with CCTV cameras around.

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