By Karen Shelford

How to Find Rotorua Deals to Save $$$

Save $$$ by finding Rotorua deals the way we do, with discounts often in excess of 50% on tours, attractions, accommodation, food, outdoor gear, clothing, and multi-day tours.

Rotorua prices can be scary, not only for visitors but locals too.

We can get into some of our attractions for free or for a heavily discounted rate, but that doesn't mean we pass up an extra good deal.

There are a number of discount websites in New Zealand and some overseas that take in Rotorua as well.

Some you find online are rubbish or not working anymore, and others, like Groupon, for instance (overseas visitors may be familiar with this), have not taken a hold here. So what are the best ones? Read on...

Attractions & Activities - If you bookmark anything to do with discounted Rotorua attractions and activities, make sure this website is at the top of the list. It's an online booking service for attractions and activities throughout New Zealand.

A very easy interface clearly sets out all the deals (up to 60% plus), I've set it relating to Rotorua/Taupo/Waitomo.

The tourism operators input their own deals onto this website, so if you encounter any problems, that's who you contact.

If you happen to be travelling throughout New Zealand, it also covers other regions. (now The Market) - This website is more general in nature with deals relating to activities, restaurants, health and beauty. They have some really good Rotorua deals though both for dining and various attractions. Enter Rotorua into the search bar.

I've found in excess of 60% off the retail rate. - This deals website is locally based featuring mostly sightseeing attractions and activity packages. It's not able to match the likes of Bookme, with discounts around 10% and under from what I could work out.

Rotorua Accommodation Deals - I've ended up using the following widget to get a hold of Deals for your accommodation.

Multi-day Tour Deals Covering New Zealand - Many tour groups travel in various ways throughout New Zealand. Some take in Rotorua, some don't. The following link lands on a Tourradar page set to Australian and New Zealand deals. 

Take your pick from same-age tours, a flying run through the country, adventure, discovery—the options are many. You can read reviews to get an idea of how well each particular tour is managed.

General Deal Websites

Get ready for your visit to Rotorua with these discount websites. Great deals can be found for anyone interested in the outdoors. - Fishing and boating fans can have fun here. Midweek deals come out on a Wednesday (NZ time) for 24hrs only. They've also got weekly deals too. - This would have to be one of New Zealand's largest, if not the largest, online retailer of  bike, snow, moto x, fishing, outdoor sports and watersports products.

2 deals are revealed every day. You can also click the top right hand 'subscribe for hot deals' button to receive a weekly newsletter with deals.  - has 3 deals a day that could be anything. Quite often you can find outdoor gear on this website. Luke Howard-Willis, the founder of 1-Day is also the founder of Torpedo 7.

More Ways to Save in Rotorua

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