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Save $$$ by finding Rotorua deals the way we do, with discounts often in excess of 50% on attractions, accommodation, food, outdoor gear and clothing.

Rotorua prices can be scary, not only for visitors but locals too.

We can get into some of our attractions for free or for a heavily discounted rate but that doesn't mean we pass up an extra good deal.

There are numerous discount websites in New Zealand.

Some are rubbish or not working anymore and others, like Groupon for instance (overseas visitors may be familiar with this), have not taken a hold here. So what are the best ones? Read on...

Attractions & Activities - If you bookmark anything to do with discounted Rotorua attractions and activities make sure this website is at the top of the list. It's an online booking service for attractions and activities throughout New Zealand.

A very easy interface clearly sets out all the deals (up to 60% plus) relating to Rotorua/Taupo/Waitomo.

The tourism operators input their own deals onto this website so if you strike any problems, that's who you contact.

If you happen to be travelling throughout New Zealand it also covers other regions. - This website is more general in nature with deals relating to activities, restaurants, health and beauty. They have some really good Rotorua deals though both for dining and various attractions.

I've found in excess of 60% off the retail rate and regularly feature these deals on my website and social media pages. - This deals website is locally based featuring mostly sightseeing attractions and activity packages. It's not able to match the likes of Bookme, with discounts around 10% and under from what I could work out.

Rotorua Accommodation Deals - Friends and I use this website regularly to bag ourselves a good deal.  Once the page opens up, click New Zealand and Rotorua, don't worry about inputting the dates yet. Click search.

Setup your filters located at the head of the next page or else scroll down to see the full list for Rotorua deals. The page begins with 5 star accomodation and ends with non-rated places.

What we like about this website is the fact that all the accommodations and the special prices (including the full rate) for the following 2 weeks are displayed. Hover over each rate to see what's on offer and click through to see full information for that particular hotel, motel, etc., including all the alternative room options.

On this website there's usually a flaming hot Rotorua hotel deal/s and a mystery one too, with this you have no idea where it is until you've booked. - This is similar in setup to Wotif and is part of the TradeMe family in New Zealand. TradeMe is our version of Ebay or Craigslist.

TravelBug went into partnership with Expedia so has been able to expand its' offerings globally... but you can still phone them right here in NZ.


Get ready for your visit to Rotorua with these discount websites. There are great deals to be had for anyone interested in the outdoors. - Fishing and boating fans can have fun here. Midweek deals come out on a Wednesday (NZ time) for 24hrs only. They've also got weekly deals too.
- This would have to be one of New Zealand's largest, if not the largest, online retailer of  bike, snow, moto x, fishing, outdoor sports and watersports products.

Click the top right hand 'subscribe for hot deals' button to receive a weekly newsletter with deals.
  - has 3 deals a day that could be anything. Quite often you can find outdoor gear on this website.

Luke Howard-Willis, the founder of 1-Day is also the founder of Torpedo 7. Take a look at the top left of the the 1 Day page to find three further stores:

  • Knucklebone (discount outdoor gear) with deals every 20mins.
  • UrbanDaddy (shoes and clothing plus top brands) heavily discounted, look for the Tuesday Takedown with 30-50% reductions.
  • No.1 Fitness (fitness equipment and machines) which is probably not quite what you're after on a visit  here.

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