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Calling Bargainistas!
Rotorua Second Hand Shops

Rotorua Second Hand Shops - You can't beat the thrill of the chase when it comes to scoring a bargain, or the excitement at finding that ultra perfect whatchamacallit you didn't even know you wanted. 

Use this handy guide to locate Rotorua second hand shops selling clothing, bric-a-brac, furniture, books, demolition – buy/sell/trade. There might be vintage and retro too.

With a variety of second hand shops dotted around Rotorua, this handy guide may come in useful for finding your special 'something'.

Likely nuggets of gold can be anything from clothing, jewellery, bric-a-brac and retro to books, furniture, fishing gear, demolition, whiteware, vintage, retro, etc. etc.

The listings for Rotorua second hand shops are arranged geographically beginning in the central city moving out to the suburbs and outer lying areas. Happy hunting.

Central Business District (CBD)

Hospice Shop Rotorua
1134 Eruera St
Central Business District (CBD)
Ph 349 4231
Mon - Fri 9.30am - 4pm
Sat 9.30am - 2pm

Clothing, shoes, jewellery, linen, ornaments, furniture.  Way more expensive than their other store in the suburbs but quality items are found here too.

St Lukes
1223-1229 Amohia St
Ph 349 0251
Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm

Clothing, shoes, jewellery, linen, ornaments etc. Small and inexpensive store.

M & S Trading Company (was Rotorua Secondhand Market)
1222 Pukuatua St
Ph 348 1651
Mon - Fri 9am - pm
Sat 9am - 12pm

Second hand furniture and large items like refrigerators, beds etc. There's antiques, retro and vintage. Also a good selection of collectibles like glass, china pottery, jewellery. Fishing gear, books, there's all sorts. Large Rotorua store with some good bargains to be had.

Salvation Army
1225 Pukuatua St
Ph 348 4586
Mon - Fri 9am - 4pm
Sat 10am - 2pm

Furniture, clothing, shoes, jewellery, linen, ornaments, bric-a-brac etc. Crammed full and middle of the road price wise. Very busy store. Have relocated across the road to a large spacious store.

Mandy's $3 Clothing and More
1239 Hinemoa St
Ph 021 026 19082
Mon - Fri 10am - 5pm
Closed Sat & Sun

A variety of pre-loved and new clothing, shoes, swimwear, sleepwear, office wear, wedding dresses, & more.... Good quality items.

1209-1211 Eruera St
Ph 021 192 2692
Mon Closed
Tue - Sat 9.30 - 3pm
Sun Closed

A very cool store with good quality pieces of furniture, wall art, ornaments etc - reflected in the price. This is where you can pick up the unusual and quirky that wouldn't look out of place in the most modern of homes. Think statement pieces.

Frock Of Ages
1186 Eruera St
Ph 346 1674
Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm
Sat 10am - 1.30pm

Clothing, shoes, jewellery, and some bric-a-brac. Quite a bit more expensive.

North End of City (Lake End)

NZ Red Cross
Cnr Rangiuru St & Lake Rd
Ph 348 3738
Mon - Fri 10am - 3pm

Clothing, shoes, small selection of jewellery, linen, ornaments etc. This place is cheap as chips with some good finds.

19 Fairy Springs Rd (btwn Z & KFC)
Fairy Springs
Ph 347 2518
Mon - Fri 9.30am - 4pm
Sat 9am - 1pm

Clothing, shoes, jewellery, linen, ornaments, furniture, etc. If you're looking for things for pets they carry those types of products. Prices are not too bad,

West Side

St Vincent de Paul (1)
213 Old Taupo Rd
Ph 347 7376
Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm

Clothing, shoes, jewellery, linen, ornaments etc. Tiny store, not a whole lot on offer but, as ever, you never know. The shop is located on a busy intersection with no parking on the road. Parking is around the back which can be accessed on Malfroy Road.

Habitat For Humanity ReStore
50 Edmund Rd
Ph 343 9273
Mon - Fri 8.30am - 5pm
Sat 9am - 12pm

Clothing, shoes, jewellery, linen, ornaments, furniture, art, books etc. Larger, roomier store with a good selection. Prices vary so need to ferret out the bargains.

East Side

Urban Ore (Red Cross)
24 Te Ngae Rd
Ph 347 8646
Mon - Sat 9 - 4.30pm
Sun 9.30am - 4pm

Clothing, shoes, jewellery, linen, ornaments, furniture, household items and a huge selection of books etc. This large store is attached to the recycling center next door. Reasonable prices but getting up there.

St Vincent de Paul (2)
15 Te Ngae Shopping Center
2 Owhata Rd
Ph 345 4399
Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm

Clothing, shoes, jewellery, linen, ornaments etc. A good selection of items with reasonable pricing. If you drive into the L-shaped shopping center the shop is at the bottom of the slope tucked into the corner.

South End of City

2 Gibson St
Fenton Park
Ph 347 8071
Mon - Sun 10am - 4pm
Public Hols 10am - 4pm

Clothing, shoes, jewellery, linen, ornaments, retro etc. Large store with a huge selection. Has got very expensive in recent years. Can still find bargains though.


St Barnabas Op Shop
264 Ngongotaha Rd
Mon-Fri  9.30am-4 pm
Sat  9.30am-12pm

Not a huge store but it has a good selection of well-priced clothing, furniture, ornaments, etc.

Driving in from the Rotorua end of Ngongotaha, once you enter the township the store is located in the first block on your right.

Variety Mart Rotorua
10 Wikaraka St, Ngongotaha
Ph 348 4298
Mon - Fri 8.30am - 4pm
Sat 9am - 12pm

Buy, sell, trade - demolition, joinery, kitchens, bathrooms, landscaping supplies, some furniture and bits n pieces.

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