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By Karen Shelford

New Zealand Travel Insurance

New Zealand travel insurance has never been more important. Every time you pick up a newspaper or switch on the TV, something major is happening be it here or somewhere else in the world.

Earthquakes, eruptions, terrorists, tsunamis, crashes.... Makes you wonder why we travel at all, doesn't it? Still, it's a hard lure to resist.

Camel riding in the UAEIs Camel Riding covered? Daughter Elise and I in the UAE.

Because of that, Rotorua Travel Secrets has partnered up with TravelInsurance.com to help you compare and buy travel insurance that meets your needs without blowing out your budget. We've got you.

Why this particular company?

Short answer, TravelInsurance.com is designed to simplify the complicated world of travel insurance. 

If you think about New Zealand, it's a land that attracts adventurers. Mountain climbing, white water rafting anyone? It's what you do here. Have adventures. And this travel insurance comparison company has access to insurers that cover adventure activities - in addition to cancellations, medical emergencies or treatment, lost or stolen gear, personal liability, etc.

7 things you should know about travel insurance from TravelInsurance.com

1) Trusted Insurers
TravelInsurance.com, as a licensed agency in the USA, works with some of the largest travel insurers who can provide you with great cover, 24 hour emergency assistance and the highest levels of support and claims management when you need it most.

They only work with top rated insurers and remove them if their rating on TravelInsurance.com drops below 4 stars.

2) Value for money with the cover you need
TravelInsurance.com's plan prices are regulated in the States. Any plan found on TravelInsurance.com won't be found lower anywhere else.

3) Verified Reviews
TravelInsurance.com has 96,000+ verified reviews of which 84,000+ are 5 Star. Overall it has a 4.9 Star rating.

7) Provide Easy Comparisons
You can compare two or more plans to side-by-side to see which insurer provides the better benefits for your particular travel needs

To make sure you get the most from TravelInsurance.com, you can find out more about why travel insurance is important for your trip on their website in the Learning Centre. If you have any questions about your travel insurance or travel safety in general, please contact TravelInsurance.com directly.

Use the widget below to find the New Zealand travel insurance plan that fits your circumstances.

New Zealand travel insurance tips - Avoid the void claim

Read the fine print: Then read it again and again. Make sure you understand exactly what you're covered for, and not. It's the simplest things that can sometimes trip us up. If you're not sure, ask.

Country exclusions: Some countries are considered too risky for insurance purposes. This could be because of war, civil unrest or for other reasons. Make sure the countries you're visiting aren't excluded.

Buy New Zealand travel insurance as soon as flights are booked: Flights can be expensive, agreed? Get sick, or someone else becomes sick requiring you to cancel your flight, you're not covered if your policy doesn't begin until you leave. Buy the insurance when you buy your tickets. And double check with your travel insurer exactly when the insured period begins.

Have proof of purchase for costly items: Insurance companies require receipts and if you haven't got them, you get - zero. Failing that, use a bank statement or a photo that will prove ownership.

Is Zorbing in Rotorua covered with your NZ insurance policy?Is Zorbing in Rotorua covered with your NZ travel insurance policy?

Ensure the policy has evacuation and repatriation coverage: This should include getting you to a hospital and from there back to your home country.

Do you have credit card international travel insurance: If you do, check out what's covered. You don't want to pay for what you don't need. For this type of insurance to be valid, you would probably have to purchase your airline tickets using the card.

Same with your personal contents and medical insurance policy: Check to see what you are covered for when travelling overseas.

Would your insurance company view visiting Rotorua thermal parks as too risky: Ask. You could trip over a root, break a leg, wind up having surgery and they might say no, because you were in an active volcanic area.

Luckily, we have ACC - that's the Accident Compensation Corporation. It provides no-fault personal injury cover for any accidents throughout the country. This applies to both residents and international visitors. Check out any country you're visiting for the like or for reciprocal agreements.

We have more than our share of incidents requiring costly helicopters, planes and Search & Rescue teams out looking for lost and injured visitors - I see German climbers popping up on TV for this quite often - so it's a good thing. And think about the associated medical costs too.

Most important! If ongoing medical care is required, and you leave the country? The coverage stops. Something to file away in the back of your mind. Stay until you're fixed up.

Aging & New Zealand Travel Insurance

One sucky thing about a lot of the insurers is that they don't insure older people for travel. With the rising age of the world population you'd think this wouldn't be a problem.

What it means is having to dig around to find the best deal, unless you're prepared to pay astronomical prices.

Fred Mawer, writing for www.dailymail.co.uk, had some good advice for this situation. Also, links in the article lead to sympathetic insurers. A UK consumer group, www.which.co.uk, outlines in table format the best worldwide insurers in the different age groups - a single trip of 24 days. A further link does the same thing for an annual policy.

Thankfully, TravelInsurance.com does have some insurers that provide travel insurance for older people. Once again it will depend on personal circumstances.

Final thoughts. Whether you decide to use TravelInsurance.com or not, in comparison to what's forked out for  a major overseas adventure, the cost of travel insurance is minimal. It's a no-brainer really.

All it takes is getting bitten by a weird bug, or tripping over your own feet, amongst a whole raft of things that can go wrong - say, on your second day - and what are you left with when you don't have insurance? A huge hole in your wallet with nothing to show for it.

It's a major headache looking into it all but the upside? The peace of mind that comes with being covered.

Happy & safe travels!

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