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Disclosure Statement

The Advertising and Affiliates Disclosure Statement is all about transparency for you - the visitor to my website. By law I have to let you know how this website makes its money else I could get in super mega trouble.

At the moment it consists of affiliate advertising, pay-per-click advertising and eBook sales.

Affiliate Advertising - I display advertising on behalf of affiliate partners. I may receive a small commission when you click a link or banner ad and then make a purchase from the merchant site selling services/products. Examples are Viator, Tripadvisor, Booking.com Get Your Guide, Drivewise, Amazon, TravelInsurance, and Fishpond.

Rotorua Travel Secrets is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising - I can receive a small commission when you click on a link or an ad that is provided by Google or the like.

If you see an ad that is offensive or have any complaints about the companies that have provided these, please contact me immediately.

Do I Get Paid For Reviews - Short answer, no. Long answer no but in a roundabout fashion. When I took a trip to Europe a few years ago I researched like you wouldn't believe. Hours and hours on the net comparing attractions, tours, transportation etc., visiting hundreds of sites (that's what it felt like), to tailor make my own holiday. You may know what that's like.

With that in mind, when I write pages about Rotorua I try to condense info as much as possible for you - so you don't have to get all cross-eyed visiting hundreds of sites.

Basically, I'm writing reviews. Do I get paid for these reviews? No. Do you have to pay? No. The info provided is free for you. If you click on any of the affiliate links or the pay-per-click adverts you don't pay for that either. It's only when you actually purchase a product or service that you pay and then you only pay the advertised price.

I hope I've made that clear for you. If not, get it touch with me at any time by using my contact me page.

Thank you for supporting Rotorua Travel Secrets.

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