The Major
Rotorua Supermarkets

Rotorua Supermarkets - Arriving in a strange city not knowing where the supermarkets are can be a real pain in the butt.

In Rotorua we have three major supermarket chains. They are Pak n Save and Countdown (2 stores) in the inner city and New World further out in the suburbs.

Do you want value for money, presentation, quality, service or handiness to your accommodation?

All the supermarkets provide varying fuel discounts depending on what is purchased if you are in the market for that.

Pak n Save (100% NZ Owned)

Rotorua Supermarkets - Pak n Save

Pak n Save Supermarket has a policy of New Zealand's lowest food prices. Can it be substantiated? Yes, and in the last 10 or so years they have been able to keep it up.

It's 'No Frills' as the name implies. Take your own bag or you will have to pay 10 cents each for plastic ones… and you've got to pack them yourself.

You also have to put up with trollies being in the way and people stocking the shelves throughout the day.

Pak n Save doesn't carry as wide a range of products as the other supermarkets.

Cnr Fenton & Amohau Sts

Hours: 7.30am - 10pm, 7 days a week

Fuel Discounts: Yes, onsite petrol station

Website: Check out this weeks specials here.


Countdown is owned by Progressive Enterprises Ltd who in turn are a subsidiary of Australian based Woolworths Ltd.

Rotorua has two Countdown stores within about 500m of each other.

As far as prices go, they are more expensive than Pak n Save.

Rotorua Supermarkets - Countdown

I notice that meat prices for example, are way more expensive than Pak n Save but the portion sizes are larger. The chops and steaks are a lot thicker and the presentation overall is better.

Another point in their favour is that the suppliers of perishable food have to be approved with regular food safety assessments. That's good for the customer isn't it?

246 Fenton St or
Central Mall, 17 Victoria St

Hours: 6am - Midnight, 7 days a week

Website: Check out this weeks specials here.

Fuel Discounts: Yes, although there are no petrol stations on site.

New World (100% NZ Owned)

Rotorua Supermarkets - New World

It's purely my impression that New World would have to be the most expensive Rotorua supermarkets. In saying that though I would also have to say that the quality of food and service is great.

Each store is owned by a franchisee so the owners have a vested interest in offering the best they can.

I would have to say that New World, at least our one, seems to be more personal, maybe because it isn't as big as the others.

New World, along with Pak n Save are in the same co-operative of Foodstuffs who are also New Zealand owned.

Miro St
West End

Hours: 7.30am - 9pm, 7 days a week

Website: Check out this weeks specials here.

Fuel Discounts: Yes, onsite petrol station

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