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Rotorua Agroventures is all about fun so it's one of the more popular Rotorua tourist attractions.  Freefall Xtreme, Swoop, Rotorua Bungy, Agrojet, Schweeb or Freestyle Airbag? Tough decision unless you're looking to do the lot.

The activities have some strange sounding names and I've often had people asking me about them. I mean, who would know what a Swoop or Schweeb is? Let's find out shall we?

Rotorua's Swoop

Rotorua Swoop - yours truly in full body harness

The swoop is like a giant swing and can be very scary as I found out.

Decked out in a full body harness (as pictured) I was raised about 40m/141ft into the air. At this height, people on the ground start looking real small.

The operator on the ground counted to three and then it was up to me to pull the rip-cord. I don't know which is worse, releasing it yourself or having someone else doing it. It's a lose-lose I think. Either way you get the crap scared out of you.

The flying through the air part is quite cool though. It made me feel like doing twists and turns and somersaults. Boy it must be great being a bird.
Height minimum: 1m/3.3ft
Maximum persons on one swing: Three
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Rotorua Bungy

Rotorua Bungy giant silhouette at Agroventures

Everyone probably knows what a bungy jump is. Basically it's being harnessed around the ankles, standing on a high platform and jumping off it. Sound like a bit of you?

The Rotorua Bungy is a great way to introduce yourself to what can only be called an extreme activity. You can do it with a friend if it's too scary or with one of the Agroventure staff members.

After being 40m/141ft up in the air with the Swoop, surely adding on another 3m/2ft to do the bungy wouldn't make that much difference.

Yeh right. I think I'll wait until I can do it over water. I just don't like these visions of smashing into the ground at hundreds of miles an hour.

Don't let my fears put you off doing this bungy though. I haven't heard of anyone being killed on our one. Yet! Ha ha.

Age restrictions: 10yrs and over
                                    16yrs and under with parent/guardian consent
Weight minimum: 35kg/77lbs
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Agroventures Freefall Xtreme

What would a Rotorua adventure park be without a freefall. Except instead of jumping out of a plane, you're getting blown up into the air to simulate skydiving. It's quite safe because, although it's outside you're entirely surrounded.

Rotorua Freefall Xtreme building.Agroventures Freefall Xtreme Building

The posts rising from the semi-circular looking deck in the picture are covered with netting, sides and top. Underneath, the grey part is the wind tunnel that blows you upwards.
Weight minimum:
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Agroventures Schweeb

The Schweeb is a funny activity. Ever thought of cycling lying down? That's what this is. Pods hang down from a circular monorail track that you race/cycle around. Go figure huh.

The races are timed and if the world record is broken the winner gets NZ$1,000. Bit of an incentive to get those legs pumping. Apparently this is the only place in the world you can do this.
Height minimum: 1.1m/3.3ft and maximum 2m/6.6ft
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Rotorua Schweeb pod.Rotorua Schweeb pod.

Agrojet - Rotorua Jet Boat

Jet boats always seem to appeal to people; maybe it's the deep-throated growl of the V8 engine.

I was watching a little boy go around the course and did he love it. Water was flying everywhere as the boat spun and wove it's way around.   

When they got back to the start the driver (sorry, you don't drive yourself) asked the boy if he wanted to go again. There was no hesitation. This activity is great for all ages from 3yrs up.
Height minimum: 1m/3.3ft
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Freestyle Airbag

New Zealand’s first dedicated bike airbag, the Freestyle Airbag, located at Rotorua's Agroventures. The place to test your aerial tricks prowess - with a soft landing should things happen to go wrong.Freestyle Airbag

Meet New Zealand’s first dedicated bike airbag, the Freestyle Airbag. It allows riders to belt down a hill, hit one of three ramps (beginner, intermediate or advanced) and show off their best aerial tricks before landing (you would hope) in the large airbag.

Riders of all levels ranging from beginners (8yrs old +) through to seasoned professionals will enjoy their time on the Freestyle Airbag.

Riders can bring their own bike and safety gear (subject to Agroventures inspection) or safety gear (full face helmet, neck brace, knee pads, body armour) can be hired onsite.
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Agroventures Contact Details:

  • Address:
    335 Paradise Valley Rd
     Rotorua 3040
  • Ph: +64 7 357 4747
  • Freephone: 0800 949 888
  • Fax: +64 7 357 4259
  • Email: reservations@agroventures.co.nz
  • Website: www.agroventures.co.nz
  • Hours: 9am-5pm
    Closed Christmas Day only

Rotorua Agroventures Is Not Suitable For:
Pregnant women, or people with spinal problems i.e. neck and back problems, heart conditions, epilepsy or neurological problems.

Directions to Agroventures

Located 8.8km from the iSite information center, Rotorua Agroventures is on Paradise Valley Rd which is off SH 5, the road to Auckland. See the google map below.

No vehicle? That's okay because the local bus service Cityride Rotorua, running half hourly, stops outside the Agrodome which is across the highway. This can be accessed by an underpass between the two attractions.

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