During this period of uncertainty, some local attractions, tour operators, businesses and places to stay may be closed or have limited days and hours. Please check with the owner/operator when booking.—Karen

Rotorua Accommodation Deals

Discounts & Add-ons

Latest Rotorua accommodation deals hot off the press. Because everyone loves a deal, right? And special treats.  Find savings of 10, 20, 30% off accommodation. Add-ons too. There may be a complimentary breakfast, for example. Perhaps a helicopter flight (those have been known to pop up), or free entry to a spa pool. Check them out.

Millennium Hotel in Rotorua, NZRear view of Millennium Hotel

Rotorua Accommodation Deals on TripAdvisor

Holiday Inn: Get the best deal on YOUR RATE before 20 Nov for stays up to 30 Mar 2018.
See full offer: Holiday Inn Rotorua

A Panoramic Country Homestay: Book direct a minimum of 3 nights to save 10% off your room rate. Valid to 31 Dec 2017.
See full offer: A Panoramic Country Homestay

Fairy Springs Motel: Book direct to receive free parking and wifi. Redeemable up to 1 Dec any day of the week.
See full offer: Fairy Springs Motel

RTS Quick Tip

Holiday weekends are notoriously busy in Rotorua so book accommodation early. It might even pay to make reservations at your favourite eating establishments too. Bring staple grocery items with you, the supermarkets will be packed. One last thing, visit popular attractions (mainly the likes of luging) early in the day to avoid queues.

Apex on Fenton: Save yourself $10 by booking direct through their official website which already has $10 off. Use any day of the week until 1 Dec 2017.
See full offer: Apex on Fenton

Ramada Resort Rotorua Marama: Book direct to receive 10% off best available rates. Valid to use any day for bookings to 30 Apr 2018.
See full offer: Ramada Resort Rotorua Ramada

Cedarwood Lakeside: Get 10% off by booking direct and mentioning TripAdvisor when booking in. Valid to use any day to 10 Dec 2017.
See full offer: Cedarwood Lakeside

RotoVegas Motel of Rotorua: Book direct to stay Sun-Thu for 2+ nights and receive free Express Continental Breakfasts. School holidays not included sorry. Valid to 31 Oct 2017.
See full offer: RotoVegas Motel of Rotorua

Rotorua accommodation deals are subject to change without notice. Please confirm your discount on booking.

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