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Careem Wellness Spa - As the Italian poet, Cesare Pavese, once pointed out, "We do not remember days, we remember moments". A visit to this intimate spa, located in a private residence on the shores of Lake Okareka, could very well be one of those moments for you.

The spa side of this business may have closed due to a change in circumstances. Once I find out for sure I will update this page. In the meantime it appears that the B&B side of the business is still operating, scroll down to the link.

Lake Okareka where you will find Careem Wellness SpaView from Careem's B&B

Unlike the swish, touristy multi-therapist spa, Careem is a restful place where you know you're the sole point of focus.

Meet Your Spa Therapist

Carol Bannister, the force behind this one woman business, is a certified practitioner of Complementary Medicine, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Spa Therapy, Aromatherapy, Beauty & Makeup Application, Style & Image Consulting and Occupational Therapy. A woman of many talents, yes?

Sounds intimidating, I know, but Carol is the least intimidating person you could meet.

She embodies calm and has a  gentle, caring manner. At the same time, elfin features and inquiring impish eyes let you know without a doubt that mischief can make an unexpected appearance right when you least expect it. I don't know if her clients see this side of Carol but we, her friends and colleagues sure do.

Together with husband Mike, she tends to a bountiful organic garden (wish I could say the same) that is totally spray-free. She loves cooking, and even makes her own natural skin care products. (Carol's body lotion is the best - light but not greasy and your skin stays moist for ages.)

Natural skin care products made by Carol of CareemNatural skin care products, some made by Carol

The 15-20 minute drive out of town to Carol's place begins the process of relaxing. It's hard to resist rolling hills with farmland either side of the road, sun-dappled trees and a poster-perfect Lake Okareka. I'm sure you get the idea - and hope you strike a day just like that.

Once you find the house (look for the Careem sign on the right), which is concealed behind dense foliage, drive in to where you see a parking sign for visitors. 

Careem Wellness Spa MassageMassage Room

You'll be welcomed at the front door and taken downstairs to where your pampering of choice begins.

Let the Therapy at Careem Wellness Spa Begin

Whether you choose a simple massage, full or partial makeover, spa or retreat, you're in for a delicious treat. Take the opportunity to step outside as well when you can and let the tranquillity that is Lake Okareka wrap itself around you. People love it. Think of it as a value added extra.

Massage Services

  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Sauna & Massage for 2
  • Tranquility Massage
  • Rolling Bamboo

Energy Healing

  • Reiki with Chakra Stones
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Footloose
  • Hot Stone
  • Indian Head

Beauty Therapy

  • Facials
  • Manicures
  • Waxing & Tinting
  • Universal Contour Wrap
  • Makeovers
  • Colour
  • Styling
  • Image
Mineral MakeupMineral Makeup

Spa Packages

  • Girls Day Out
  • Get Stones
  • Beauty Bliss
  • Body Cocoon
  • Thermal Mud Wrap
  • Makeover Magic


  • A Day Away from the Rush
  • Beautiful You Retreat (2 days)
  • Ultimate Wellbeing Retreat (5 days)
  • Weight Loss Retreat (3 days)

Contact Careem Wellness Spa

Address: 89 Acacia Rd, Lake Okareka, RD5
Phone: 07 362 8878

Download a printable map with directions to Careem


If you want to get away from it all, this area will certainly give you that feeling. There are numerous holiday homes dotted about, including Carol's B&B where you can just roll out of bed and get your pamper on. :)

Another reason to stay are the numerous walks and sights within a 10min drive. You can see more of these at any of the links below.

—Enjoy your visit.

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